The Fog Of Definitions

Black; absence. White; illusion.

Gray; a mosaic. Portraits hue.


Black; ignorance. White; dogma.

Gray; a curiosity. Naive pursuit.


Black; death. White; life.

Gray; a transition. Muddy fringe.


Black; cold. White; heat.

Gray; a perspective. Biased inch.


Black; White. White; Black.

Woven together; a gray continuity


7 thoughts on “The Fog Of Definitions

  1. Okay so I just read the black white grey post
    First thing I can say is… The first time you read it, there are vague ideas sketching in your head.. The poem demands a reread to shape those ideas…
    It’s brilliant because it can have sooooo many interpretations
    But I believe all the interpretentions are a little clouded and similar
    They’re all grey at the end of the day!

    In every paragraph a new idea develops before the previous idea settles… And that’s kinda brilliant yet confusing which is why you read it again because we are too used to a “central idea”, a ” gist” for everything
    But I like how the poem let’s itself loose… Usually poems of this kind tie together..
    I’m not sure whether I’ve missed the central thing in your poem or it just let’s your thoughts flow free
    It’s a beautiful read and something everyone will give a thought to because there’s nothing difficult in there really that one can’t understand (I’m talking about the words) yet everyone needs to piece it together because no one can accept a poem so open ended! I don’t understand why people don’t prefer poems that can have many interpretations! None the less, everyone will piece it the way that suits them the most and what makes most sense to them..
    Fot now I’m just kinda reading it a little more than once! I love it! :’)
    So what’s your take on it?

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    1. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you so much.
      My motivation behind writing this poem was the fact that there were way too many problems with us trying to define things. We as humans constantly try to categorize stuff in nature. But the problem is that nature does not have to comply to our definitions.
      For example, In the third stanza, we think we know what living things and non living things are. We know a dog is living and a rock is non living, but what about viruses? Nobody knows. I’ve seen so many debates over that topic and I always feel like the problem is that we can’t digest the fact that there can be things that are grey. There can be things that are neither living or non living.
      Every stanza basically is a different example of definitions crippling our view of reality.


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