Uncovering the blanket that hides the stars,

The sun dips below the sea.

That’s when the vastness sweeps across the sky,

The darker it is the more we can see


Mere specks of light, in the blackness of the night,

So insignificant and small.

Wrinkles lighten up across my face,

When I realize who truly is small.


The more we look the more we see,

Farther away the truth seems to be.

The harder we try the harder it becomes,

The truth about ‘the truth’ is that it’s just too painful to believe.


We are never going to be able to believe,

With the helplessness of our human hand,

Unable to grasp even a fraction of this world,

But yet with arrogance, we stand.


What am I in front of this majestic world,

Where do I reside?

A cancerous void begins to swell up,

in the fullness of my pride.


What is my pain? What are my sufferings?

How do they matter at all?

Just this appalling sky! these enthralling stars!

Cushion the never ending sadness in which I fall.


Let the darkest days befall upon me,

And I shall just look at the sky and admire the stars,

Make it darker and more I’ll understand,

It’s only darkness that makes darkness bearable.


3 thoughts on “Darkness

  1. There’s something about the unknown, the cold, the quiet. There’s something about the dark, something I can nevert put to words. Something terrifying yet beautiful. ♥

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  2. It’s only darkness that makes darkness bearable…very profound ! Can’t help but think about how a visually impaired person would interpret or relate to darkness as described in these unwoven thoughts. I think what would truly hold true for them is – “the darker it is…the more I can see”.

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  3. Simple thoughts with great emotion. I honestly reread this thrice to let it settle into my mind. It is definitely right on point in making us aware of the vastness of our universe and our position in it.


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