The Caged Bird

Soaking her wings in the glorious red sky,

Feeling the wind as she flew by.

She dreamed of this moment while in a cage she cried.

The caged bird cries for freedom.


She saw the others hop into their trees.

Eating their fruits, feeding with their families.

Alone in a cage, she saw them fly.

The caged bird cried for freedom.


She stood by the cage and pushed one day,

Opened her wings and flew away.

Claimed the sky as she screamed to say,

Only caged birds cry for freedom!


She flew through the clouds, into the sky.

No one to ever stop her flight.

But still somehow it didn’t suffice.

Asking, do only caged birds cry for freedom?


The wind on her face no longer amused her.

the satisfaction of freedom didn’t come any closer.

Thinking to herself why should I fly?

Even free birds cry for freedom.


2 thoughts on “The Caged Bird

  1. I loved the last “PUNCH” line, viz “Because even free birds cry for freedom.”
    A classic example of a person’s greed for more.
    Pepsi slogan ” Yeh dil maange more “


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