The moon cracks open the broken sky,

The torn up clouds in the darkest nights,

Only a walk, alone, into the night,

Can paint the thoughts in my head, bright.


The echoing footsteps on the shadowy reign,

The dripping water, the mountain stream,

Only the thickest fog of the coldest night,

Can clear the fog in my mind.


The gray rocks lie wet by the rain ,

The dark grass still quivering cold,

The blind path that no where leads,

Leads me to where my life unfolds.


Where I belong, I don’t know,

Why am I here, I have to find,

Whether I will reach, no answer so,

What’s the purpose of life?


These answers I have not found,

in the brightest days, nor in the midst of gold,

Never will I find by opening my eyes,

I have to let go of the assertions I hold.


The stillness of the walk shakes my mind,

The lofty skies pull me to the ground,

The real answers to the toughest questions, do lie within,

Close your eyes, they are nowhere else to be found.


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