My Wallflower

You grow on every edge of the door
Like a scream waiting to burst out.
But you enter like a breeze,
And leave with a smile.
You grow into every tile of the floor
In every room that I swoon,
I see you.
Curled up, but still strong.
On the smoothest of walls
Always dancing with the wind.
The planks that I pinned on the broken windows
Never stopped you.
Perpetually in a waltz, with the whistles through the cracks.
The height of the ceilings never bothered you,
Upside down, and inside out,
You always reached the places that I never could.
Written all over the halls
In this mess that I stood,
Was a lover’s dream,
And a well-wisher’s nightmare.
I’ll weed you out someday
But for now
Just a little while longer
I guess I could let you stay.


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