The moon cracks open the broken sky, The torn up clouds in the darkest nights, Only a walk, alone, into the night, Can paint the thoughts in my head, bright. . The echoing footsteps on the shadowy reign, The dripping water, the mountain stream, Only the thickest fog of the coldest night, Can clear the […]

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Time drips away Like little drops of monsoon One less wet leaf . Misguides me Like the mirages of summer One more singed twig . Heaves my dreams Like the distant chills of winter One less quivering green . I take one more step into the fray Oblivion is all I see Yet I still […]

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The Caged Bird

Soaking her wings in the glorious red sky, Feeling the wind as she flew by. She dreamed of this moment while in a cage she cried. The caged bird cries for freedom. . She saw the others hop into their trees. Eating their fruits, feeding with their families. Alone in a cage, she saw them […]

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  Uncovering the blanket┬áthat hides the stars, The sun dips below the sea. That’s when the vastness sweeps across the sky, The darker it is the more we can see . Mere specks of light, in the blackness of the night, So insignificant and small. Wrinkles lighten up across my face, When I realize who […]

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The Fog Of Definitions

Black; absence. White; illusion. Gray; a mosaic. Portraits hue. . Black; ignorance. White; dogma. Gray; a curiosity. Naive pursuit. . Black; death. White; life. Gray; a transition. Muddy fringe. . Black; cold. White; heat. Gray; a perspective. Biased inch. . Black; White. White; Black. Woven together; a gray continuity

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Blind Faith

An egg holds the boon of life, Or curse, I do not know; The fog of uncertainty is masked, By the assertions we hold. . Is it the blind Love that guides us, Or leads us astray, I do not know; In the rivers of delusion and ambiguity, Aimlessly, we row. . The point is, […]

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Why we search

The human mind has a lust for knowledge. An infatuation for answers. Answers to who we are. Where we come from. What is our relationship with the cosmos? What is time? When did it all begin? To overcome our insignificance, alienation and obscurity we all concoct our own sense of belonging. For me, it’s the […]

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