Your eyes are like stars.
The ones that burn bright.
The ones that tear through all that space,
To give the moon company in the night.
And in spite of their light
encompassing galaxies,
They flicker.
I wonder why.

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they told me stories of shadows and ghosts, of goblins and fiends that hide in our homes, of blank canvases, torn pictures and soundless songs, of plastic homes where no one belongs, of men that were sordid, deceitful and prim, Aloof, greedy, hungry and grim. So all the colours I have known, I’ve had to […]

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Every other day

Even before the first veining rays
Find their ways
through the struggling, stretching Morning trees
I despise Mondays.
The yawning sounds of the morning wheeze,
the window breeze
Pours its way uninvited into my bedroom.
As I begin my day,

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